Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY OF Your Inspiration at 14.04.2017r. 1. General provisions: - Your Inspiration Service, will be referred to only as service. - The service management unit will be referred to as the owner/administration. - The owner can change this establishment without prior notice to the user, not earlier than two weeks after publication (excluding amendments). 2. Collecting and using information: - The service uses cookies to store information on the computer in an emergency, with the exclusion of sensitive data (for security reasons). - Confidential data is collected and updated if necessary and with the user's consent / information, for example, a registration or a password request. - Each user has his unique identification number, which distinguishes his data from1 the others - it is not subject to change. - Data collected voluntarily are: name, surname, specialization. - The data collected are forced: login, password, email, ip, country, language. - The data generated by the service are: id, date of registration, date of last login, participation in the StartUp+ project, beta access, blocking status, warning points, grade, current vip code and its validity, help points, ideas points, fulfill Tutorial. - If you sign up with an account from another service, the service will not intercept your confidential data, but only mandatory data. Confidential data is generated according to the appropriate pattern. For example, the only way to change your password is function "I forgot my password" (available at login). Its use does not prevent further logins from the aforementioned sites (only email change causes such effects). 3. Third persons access to data: - The service does not share confidential data with anyone except state authorities, when they presented the relevant statement. - Public data is displayed on the profile page; Each registered and active user has access to them. - All user data has unlimited access to the administration, but it is not allowed to use them for purposes other than managing / modifying the site, informing the user or sharing without the user's prior consent. - In the event of a service attack aimed at stealing data or hacking into a user account, resulting from non-administrative or user-fault reasons, the owner assumes no responsibility for its consequences. 4. Account deletion: - It is possible if you contact the administration via email: - It happens when the user submits a login, password and email and informs us that he is fully aware of what user is doing. - Any user data from the database being used is deleted (backups are not taken into account), except for the remainder of the database, for example: his / her answers / his / her motivational photos. - Account recovery is possible if it was registered in the service min. two months before.
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